Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Punnagai Mannan (1986) – Watch Tamil Movies Online


Punnagai Mannan is a little difficult to explain.
The star-crossed fan tale at the starting has been informed better in a few moments than some whole films have tried to do.  It is K. Balachander at his best.  The relax of the film does not try to coordinate the feelings of the starting.
It starts as a terrible really like tale (for about 15 minutes), and then changes relatively with complete confidence into a fresh, interesting loving tale that is far more fun loving.  If you study situation and are anticipating a more offbeat film, you should know that this film is more of an performer with the essential (but well done) system of music and funny.  What places it apart, though, is that it also has (mostly) excellent route, excellent figures, and excellent performing.  There happens to be complete two time have fun with here, but unfortunately my last impact of the film is slowed down by the artificial finishing which absolutely interrupts the overall tone of the whole film.  But let us keep the critique for later – first, I want to pay attention to the pros of this film.
Suddenly, in the last 5 moments, everything the film had designed up to is tossed away, and we get a artificial disaster that is so unexpected and so as opposed to the build-up of the film that it seems added on for no purpose.  It was incredibly frustrating, to say the least, and I cannot think about what Balachander was considering.  This seems to be a film that asks for “light at the end of the tunnel”.
The funny is fresh and proved helpful into the tale with no funny “track”, the figures are wonderful, the music are charming and well-placed in the film, and there are fortunately almost zero action/fight moments.  It’s regrettable that such a awesome film had to have such a badly developed finishing, but such factors cannot be assisted.  Just make sure you are not going in anticipating a different type of film, in accordance with the explanations.

Genre: Romance Film, Drama
Language: Tamil
Starcast: Kamal Haasan, Revathi, Srividya, Rekha
Director: K. Balachander
Music: Ilaiyaraaja

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