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Krishnarjuna (2008) - Nagarjuna's Akkineni Hits Movies

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Nagarjuna, the Celebrity of Telugu Cinema was created on 29th Aug. He is famously known as Nag/King/Yuva Samrat and his known for his ever durable attractive looks!!

Description –  
“Film Nagar rumor is that this movie is going to be trend setter in Tollywood, and Mega Hit of 2008.

Krishnarjuna is a 2008 Telugu terminology film featuring Vishnu Vardhan Babu and Mamta Mohandas in the cause tasks. The film, Directed by P. Vasu, functions popular performing professional Nagarjuna in an Important part. The film was published on 1 Feb 2008.

A psychologically unstable pregnant mother runs inside a forehead / temple and closes the entrance. She gives birth to a boy at the feet of Lord Krishna’s idol and breathes her last. The gates of the forehead are shut, as individuals believe that the birth of such a ladies kid in 'garbhagudi' is a bad omen.

The boy, known as Arjun (Vishnu Vardhan Babu) matures under the guardianship of his granny (Manorama). He goes to perform as a security guard to Satya (Mamta Mohandas), the sis of property owner Pedababu (Nassar). Arjun and his granny reside in the out home of Pedababu’s bungalow. Arjun is ill-treated by everyone. When an astrologer says that Satya’s first spouse will be murdered and she will stay gladly with her second spouse, Pedababu programs to get Satya wedded to Arjun first. Then, he conspires to kill him and get Satya wedded to a wealthy man.

However, Lord Krishna (Nagarjuna) comes to Arjun's support. Arjun benefits some abilities from his company with the Lord Krishna and overcomes the evils that threaten his peace and family life. He also is successful in reopening the gates of the forehead.  Arjun then dies by jumping of a tall building because of his faith in Lord Krishna who revives him a minute after his death. The film ends on a happy note.

Here are some of the significant plus factors of the film which we would like to highlight for all the participants in USA to display this clean family fun movie in your cities.

  • “KRISHNARJUNA” film is a contemporary dream film where Vishnu Playing superhero role.
  • Nagarjuna one of the top Celebrity of Tollywood enjoying complete crucial part along with hero.
  • Collection King Dr.Mohan Babu acting in surprise divine cameo role after his superb performance as YAMA in YAMODONGA
  • First Native indian film where the headline is grabbed by 1, 80,000 individuals through SMS
  • A contemporary multistarer film in Tolloywood after 3 decades.

Film:Krishnarjuna (2008)
Director: P. Vasu
Writers: Marudhuri Raja (dialogues), P. Vasu
Stars: Nagarjuna , Mamta, Vishnu Vardhan Babu, Mohan Babu
Release Date: 1 Feb 2008
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