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Chingaara 2012 Hindi Movies Online

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Now, is presenting kannada super hit Chingaara 2012 Movies Online….

Watch Chingaara Action Movies Online
Darshan, Deepika and Bhavana
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Chingaara is an Kannada Action Film starring Darshan and Deepika in the lead role. Movies dubbed in Hindi to original film Chingaari. The film is directed by Harsha. B. Mahadevu has produced the film with a budget of 8 Crore. The movie was inspired by a Hollywood movie "Taken 2008" film.

Parashuram (Darshan) is a cop who saves an international celebrity Raja from the jaws of death and becomes amicable with him. Parashuram falls in love with Geetha (Deepika Kamaiah), but due to certain tiffs they get separated. Geetha flies to Switzerland for a music audition along with her friend. Parashuram follows his ladylove only to discover that she has been kidnapped by a human trafficking gang there which forces young girls into prostitution. Parashuram wishes to save her and he seeks help from his friend Raja. How Parashuram saves the life of Geetha and how he rescues her ladylove forms rest of the movie.

In this action film Darshan impresses with his stylish looks, comical acts and breathtaking action sequences. He dominates the entire film with his superb screen presence. Deepika landed her first major role through in this movie.

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-----------------: Box Office :-----------------
Darshan Movie Chingaara 2012

•    Total Collection 14 Crore INR (US$2.1 million)
•    This movies goes to 6.07 Crore INR in first weak….
•    It completed 100 days in many theaters.
•    Music is also super hit.

Star Cast:- Darshan, Deepika Kamaiah, Bhavana, Srujan Lokesh and Yashas Surya
Genre:- Action
Language:- Hindi
Director:- Harsha
Music:- V.Harikrishna
Released:- January 2, 2012

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