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Ek Sirfarosh the brave heart / JI / ஜி
Star cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan
Language: Hindi

“Now, presenting Ajith & Trisha Tamil Action Movies Dubbed In Hindi”

Ek Sirfarosh the brave heart / JI / 2005 Tamil action film is a directed by Linguswamy and produced by S. S. Chakravarthy (Remake of Ji Tamil Movie). The film stars Ajith Kumar and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles. Ek Sirfarfarosh the brave heart Ajith Trisha Movie took a large opening all over Tamil Nadu

Ek Sirfarosh the brave heart in this movie Vasu (Ajith), a final year college student is happy go lucky. But he is forced to contest elections in the college after being persuaded by his friends (Venkat Prabhu and Arun). He, however, incurs the wrath of the local M.L.A Varadharajan (Charanraj), whose son is studying in the college, contests the elections too. Following threats, Vasu backs out from the polls and eventually Charanraj's son gets elected.

In the course of events, the MLA's gang attacks Vasu and his friends. It's here that Vasu's father (Vijayakumar) advises the students to take a plunge in politics and teach the bad apples like Varadharajan a lesson. Trisha is along for the ride and looks cute. Though she still doesn't have a lot to do, it is still a big step up from Thiruppaachi.

Vashu and Bhuvana(Trisha), a schoolgirl, fall in love. Taking cue from his words, Vasu does indeed take the plunge in politics with the backing of college students and even files nomination for the Assembly election in Kumbakonam constituency.

Varadharajan is naturally annoyed and angry at the presumptuousness of Vasu and tells him to back off from the elections. But a relentless Vasu goes ahead with his plans. The rest is a sequence of events by which Vasu wins the admiration of masses and succeeds in getting elected as a MLA. Unfortunately, Varadharajan, unable to digest the defeat, plays a trick and burns a primary school and Vasu is blamed for the death of innocent children. He gets sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment.

After serving the term, Vasu comes out of prison only to take revenge on Varadharajan. It's a happy ending with Ajith holding the hands of his lover Trisha, too. The movie has punch line dialogues and fierce stunt sequences too. 


Ajith Trisha Tamil Movie

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Genre: Action
Star cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Charanraj, Vijayakumar, Manivannan, Visu and Shridhar Kumar
Director: N. Linguswamy
Producer: S. S. Chakravarthy
Release Date: 11 February 2005
Language: Hindi Dubbed


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