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Roja (1992) Tamil Movies Online

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The movie won three Nationwide Film Prizes, such as Best Film on Nationwide Incorporation, catapulting Ratnam to national popularity. The movie also obtained worldwide popularity with its nomination for Best Film at the Eighteenth Moscow International Film Event. The film's effective and recommended ranking and soundtrack were composed by A. R. Rahman.

Roja (Madhoo) a younger lady is wedded off to Rishi (Arvind) after her older sis denies him. When Roja's sister doesn't agree to get wedded to her suitor, the top government cryptologist Rishi Kumar, the latter demands Roja's side instead. Roja results in to parent stress and hesitantly confirms to the partnership. After originally loathing her partner, she soon understands the necessary actions needed to take on Rishi's aspect that led him to asking for Roja's side. Soon, she is her over cures in really like with her partner. Soon the government of Indian reposts Rishi in the struggling Kashmir area, from their position in the town of Madras. There, Rishi gets kidnapped by terrorists who use him to settle the discharge of their innovator Wasim Khan from jail in India. Roja, unable to connect the terminology, tries to persuade the unsociable Gov. to preserve her missing partner and restore the really like of her lifestyle.

Genre     –          Action, Romance
Directed by -      Mani Ratnam
Produced by -     K. Balachander, Pushpa Kandaswamy
Written by -        Mani Ratnam, Sujatha Rangarajan
Starring  -           Arvind Swamy, Madhubala, Pankaj Kapoor, Nassar, Janagaraj
Music by -           A. R. Rahman
Release date(s) -     15 August 1992
Running time -  127 minutes
Language  -         Tamil