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The Return of Khakee (2008) Tamil Action Movie

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Movie : The Return of Khakee
Genre : Action, Romance
Starcast : Vishal, Nayantara, Sudha Chandran and Upendra
Director : Amma Rajasekhar
Language : Hindi Dubbed

The Return of Khakee is a Tamil activity film, at the same time taken in Telugu as Salute, directed by A. Rajasekhar. The Movie States Vishal, Nayantara, Sudha Chandran and Upendra.
A challenging cop with a black and distressing previous understands that his one-time tutor and now ex-police is behind a sequence of intricate crimes.

Sathyam (Vishal), an honest committed government cop is ACP in command and lives with his mother. Sathyam encounters another ex-cop named Pratapa Rudra (Upendra) who is responsible for killing three ministers. Sathyam arrests Pratapa and is surprised to know that he is the same person because of whom he got inspired to compete for IPS. Meanwhile, corrupt Home Minister Kondala Rao aspires to become the next CM as the former CM is admitted in hospital. Kondala's left hand is allotted the work of killing all the ministers who are his rivals, but Pratapa kills those three ministers before him. Pratapa Rudra challenges Sathyam that as a police, he can not do anything to curb such corrupt politicians. Thus, Sathyam plans out to arrest Dilli, who is the left hand of Kondala. But all his efforts do not work out, and Dilli is released casually.

Meanwhile, the character also has a loving show with Deivanayaki (Nayantara), a TV reporter. This starts with Deivanayaki suing the locality's kids through their mother and father. Nevertheless the women does identify Sathyam's pain at center and drops for him. Sathyam too drops in really like thereafter.

Why did Pratapa Rudra turned to political figures encounter? Will Satyam be able to educate these political figures a lesson?
Vishal Nayantra Movie

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                                ---x Songs x---
The movie has 5 songs composed by Harris Jayaraj, Movie was his 25th film as music director.

                             ---x Box Office x---
The movie earned $2 million at the box office which was a flop as its budget was $3 million.

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